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It's Tough to Beat a Team that Doesn't Miss; Jayhawks Fall to Cowboys, 85-77

After such a great shooting performance like the one that Oklahoma State put on against the Jayhawks, what can you do other than laugh?  That's all I'm doing and will chalk it up to the perfect storm for the Pokes and a great performance.  Great for them.  They really needed another signature win and this is it.

Kansas Oklahoma St.
FG pct. 46.6% 60.4%
3FG pct. 40.0% 52.6%


It's hard to win against those numbers.  What are you gonna do?  That is what the numbers typically look like; just in opposite form in games in which Kansas wins.  If you have anything more insightful to add, leave it in the comments.

Jayhawks vs Cowboys boxscore

I still am of the mindset that this is the best team in America and will be there in the end.  How many teams could withstand that shooting barrage and not have the same thing happen?  The fortitude that it took to make a late comeback and get it to within six tells me all I need to know about this team moving forward.

More detailed diagnosis of this loss in the next day or so...