A note regarding baseball coverage

As I am sure many (or at least a few) readers have noticed, I have not published season previews for the 2010 baseball season. I have had a very busy year and simply will not have the time to cover the team this season as I have in the past. I hate being forced to give up this labor of love, but I simply had to make the sacrifice in order to have enough time to finish my dissertation and look for a faculty job. I will still be going to most of the home games and will look forward to seeing many of you at Hoglund Park over the coming months.

I am glad to see Aman Reaka will be able to carry the torch here at RCT. Aman knows about ten times more about baseball than do I, so one positive about my stepping aside this season might be seeing more of his work featured. I am hopeful that I will be able to post an occasional story or diary this season. We’ll see how the spring plays out and how much work I get done. Writing about the team has been one of the real joys in my life over the last three years and I am going to miss it quite a bit this spring.

Pretty much everyone agrees the team looks damn solid coming into this season. Another season like 2009 and the Hawks will have established themselves as a major player in the best collegiate baseball conference in the nation. Injuries will force the team to play the bench quite a bit early in the season but, as long as there are no unexpected setbacks, the team looks to be back to full strength in time for the tournament run. See you at the Hog.

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