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Jayhawks Clinch Share of Unprecedented Sixth Straight Big 12 Title; Beat OU, 81-68

As the level of competition and uncertainty of a victory wane, so does my interest in a particular game, thus my normally flawless, deep analysis does, too.  More of a random thought recap tonight.  WARNING: This post has more bullets in it than 50 Cent.

Good Things I Saw

  • Nearly the entire start to the game. Thanks for that, West Virginia.  Thanks for not fouling incessantly.
  • Tyshawn Taylor hit a wide open three pointer on a double team kick out. I said this last game, and it still stands tonight:

    Him being able to hit the open three will be a big key come tournament time.  Defenses have really begun to double down on Marcus and Cole Aldrich, leaving open a guard on the perimeter.  If teams get to choose which guard to leave open, of the five that play regularly, Taylor would easily be the choice.  But, if he continues to knock down open shots with semi-regularity, they can leave no one open.

  • Cole Aldrich is smarter than you. Basketball Academic All-American of the year.
  • Xavier Henry going to the basket over and over and over and over. Also, man-sized rebounds.
  • Xavier seven-for-seven shooting in the first half.  18 points and four rebounds at halftime.  That was a real SHOW"He's special tonight. Oh, he's special tonight." - head coach Bill Self
  • Multiple Thomas Robinson sightings in the first half. Thanks for finally listening to KGRtC, Bill.
  • Xavier's prefectly placed hi-lo pass to Marcus Morris. Wow, the kid can drop a pass in like Peyton Manning.
  • More continuous (somewhat) meaningful minutes for Robinson.
  • Cole Aldrich's awesomely cool brother. Also, doubles as a United States Marine.  Bless you, soldier.
  • And, of course, her.
  • Tyshawn asserting himself by driving to the basket after a timeout when the lead was cut to fourteen.
  • Kansas wins handily, but coach Self will have multiple things to use against the team in practice this week. Probably better than a 30 point rout that went totally smoothly.

    Not-So-Good Things I Saw

    • More goofy camera angles. When this is complaint number one, your team is alright.
    • Sherron Collins two-for-seven shooting in the first half and two turnovers. I'm nitpicking.
    • Seven offensive rebounds allowed in the first half. Oklahoma doesn't have the size to match up with Kansas.  That should not have happened.
    • There are three minutes and fifty-five seconds left in the game and the lead is only fourteen.
    • There are two minutes and four seconds left and the lead is only twelve.