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Rock Chalk Talk 2.2.10

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Basketball Links

No. 1 Jayhawks return to top perch -

KU and K-State climb in both polls -

Performance in Manhattan, against Missouri earns Aldrich Big 12 player of the week honors /
Big ups, Mr. Aldrich. You had quite the week.

Worth the sacrifice: Increased physicality in practice pays off for KU |
That Bill Self sure runs a good practice and knows what he's doing, no? Also, Sherron and Cole are such leaders.

Collins' case for POY |
A case can easily be made. This is a pretty good one.

Oread Boom Kings — Blog — Big XII Teams that Matter
As Hiphop states, there's not many left that do matter. Great read, setting the stage for the stretch run. (if you can call ten games a stretch run)

Reed’s defensive play crucial in win against K-State | UDK
Somewhere amongst all of the craziness of the final minutes of this game, I totally missed/forgot about this play.

Q&A with Jeff WIthey | UDK

(Video) Coach Self on ESPN’s First Take | The Shiver

No. 1 Kansas Plays at Colorado Wednesday in Men's Basketball - KANSAS OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Other Jayhawk Links

Kansas Baseball Ranked in Two Preseason Polls - KANSAS OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Russian tennis player finds home at KU |
Awesome story. For real.


OT Link

This one is so good, I'll leave it as the only one.

Ol’ Roy’s boys tanking |
The title says it all. We weren't near this bad last year.