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Recruiting Chatter: Jordan Turner

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Since Coach Gill wrapped up his first recruiting class, one of the things he's made clear is that the state of Kansas is a priority.  Gill has traveled around the state making appearances and highlighting the 2010 group for Kansas fans in different areas.  Most recently he made the trip to Wichita an area that has been a bit of a difficult area for Kansas to make major strides in.  However If early reviews are any indication Coach Gill and Chuck Long are going to work it hard.

One player in the Wichita area this year is defensive tackle prospect Jordan Turner.  Turner right now is a lot like Jamal Brown in that he's probably not an early offer guy, but one who knows what he needs to do to make that offer happen. I had an opportunity to speak with Jordan after junior day and I thought a few of his comments were worth sharing.

Just to give a little background, Jordan is another large man checking in at 6'4" 320+.  He has the size already, but like Brown they might want to see him get a little bit leaner before offering.  Watching his tape it's hard not to notice a bit of a mean streak as he tosses players around on tackles.  He also proves pretty quick for a guy of his size often beating his man off the snap and getting to the football.  All in all, he's an interesting local prospect and one to keep an eye on depending on how things shake out.

On Junior day and his thoughts on the coaching staff:

"The day was very exciting especially with all the energetic coaches around all the time.  I met with the safeties coach, coach Wimberly and he's a great all around guy and very interested in you as a person more than just an athlete."


On whether Kansas is a school and program he would like to be a part of:

"oh yes, definitely on the top of my list for sure I loved it. The atmosphere, the student body and definitely the people, the coaches and the facilities are mind blowing."


On getting to know other recruits and the overall feeling of the group on junior day.

"Yeah I actually knew almost every recruit that attended through camps or playing against them.  Most of them said they were just blown away and I thought that the basketball game caught a lot of recruits attention." 

"It was just crazy to see the way the crowd acted and the excitment in the makes you think if you were in a KU football jersey it could be you that the people are cheering for."