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First Thoughts: Iowa State Cyclones (again)

UPDATE: Link to KU Law School article about Bensa singing the National Anthem tomorrow night.  As stated before, we'll all pulling for you and you better knock 'em dead.

Pictures speak a thousand words - do they not?  There's not much to say about this game.  Iowa State is currently using an eight man rotation, just as the Jayhawks are.  Only, they are doing so because that's all they have left on the roster.  I couldn't even fill out a full backcourt and frontcourt comparison because the Cyclones don't have the players to do so.  Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of Saturday's game will be that one of our very own - Bensa - will be singing the National Anthem ahead of tipoff.  Knock 'em dead, Bensa and do us proud. (video to come)  Thank for your preview today.

Record: 13-11 (2-7)

Best Win(s): USL, Bradley, @Nebraska, Colorado

Worst Loss(es): Northwestern, @Oklahoma


Informative Iowa State Links

Clone Chronicles

KenPom Page

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Player rotation from their Yahoo! team page:

Player Rotation:  Usual Starters—F Marquis Gilstrap, F Craig Brackins, C Justin Hamilton, G Scott Christopherson, G Diante Garrett. Key Subs—G Chris Colvin, F Dominique Buckley, F LaRon Dendy.

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