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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.8.10

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Warden, when are you going to tell me what jersey you want for figuring out where Burt Reynolds was hiding?

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2KU runs away from Memphis |
He said Morrises? Everyone knows it's Morr-i

Ku-2Rapid Reaction: Kansas 81, Memphis 68 - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Rapid Reaction from ESPN complete with proper usage, maybe not spelling of the term coined here at RCT....Morri

Ku-2Garden party: Kansas’ Taylor has happy homecoming |
Slowly becoming more consistent.

Ku-2Gary Bedore's KU hoops notebook: Johnson says he’s staying put |
Johnson addresses transfer rumors head on.

Ku-2Memphis ‘out-toughed’ |
Interesting take. Sometimes I feel like we're soft on the inside, maybe that's because we sometimes settle for jumpshots more with our current bigs.

Ku-2Sophomores make most of minutes |
Good game for Robinson, nice to see him developing.


Hornets a nice buzz for KC |
Interesting talk regarding an NBA team and Kansas City