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Championship Saturday Open Thread

A tweener weekend.  Kansas football is in the offseason, hopefully one with a purpose.  Some big time visitors in town as discussed yesterday and a few roster moves to come this spring from the sound of things.  In terms of on the field or on the court for Kansas, not much action today.  Still about a month before our constant Saturday to Big Monday basketball turnaround begins, but who's complaining.  You needed to put up those Christmas decorations anyway right?

Elsewhere we determine a few championships.  One last chance for TCU to cheer on an Auburn loss, one last chance to keep the Corn from winning the Big 12.  Football is winding down and basketball is ramping up.  Use this as your all day thread for whatever suits you. 

To start my day?  Perhaps I'll put myself through the punishment of watching North Dakota State(yes that NDSU) play at Montana State in the 1-AA playoffs.  Then I'm headed to Boulder tonight to cover a thrilling(sarcasm) Colorado v Oregon State matchup courtside for Rush The Court.  The irony in this, any fan can probably land free courtside tickets for a Saturday night basketball game in Boulder right now.  After that? Perhaps the tail end of OU v NU at the Darkhorse Saloon, say hello to Burt Reynolds(if you can get the reference you win a jersey)...go Sooners!