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Ben McLemore Will Be In Lawrence On Sunday

In the recruitment that just won't end, Ben McLemore looks to be on his way to Lawrence for this Sunday's game against Miami of Ohio.

The game will be his second unofficial visit of the week as last night McLemore was at Arena to watch the Tigers take on Old Dominion.

At this point it seems to be anyone's guess where he ends up but most recruiting analysts still see this as a situation where Ben knows what he wants, but his mother is very much sold on Mike Anderson and Missouri. 

Obviously both sides are doing everything they can to make this happen as McLemore is a marquee name and recruit that would add a great deal to either side.   According to the KUSports article,

he’d like to announce a college choice before returning to Oak Hill for second semester

This isn't the first time McLemore has made such a statement and at this point it's tough to say when everyone will be on the same page and ready to say where next year's destination will be.  Soon would be great for fans, but don't count on it.