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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.31.10

So what are your top 10 moments in KU sports for 2010?  Well maybe 10 is too many, let's just go #1.  For me I'll go with North Dakota State.  Northern Iowa was a bummer but North Dakota State took some major wind out of the sails and signaled a move from Orange Bowl to cellar dweller in two years.  It was a blow that I was in Memorial to witness and something I'm still a little shocked by. 

Kansas Basketball

Recap: Bill Self has reason to be upset with his defense | The Newell Post |

This has probably become one of my favorites from KUSports. I think Jesse Newell does a great job of going places that "traditional media" doesn't usually go, namely being a little more in depth and a little more fan oriented.

Big 12 Football

Call it like you see it: K-State got jobbed in Pinstripe Bowl | Conference chatter |

In the world of "I don't want my rival winning", this is a good thing. Reality? Well K-State got hosed and the Big 12 once again comes up short. So far we have Missouri losing to the Big 10, K-State losing to the Big East, Nebraska losing to the Pac 10 and Oklahoma State beating the Pac10. So so result from the Big 12 perspective, really pretty unimpressive but then again, the Jayhawks are sitting at home so maybe it doesn't matter.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy thinks Justin Blackmon, Brandon Weeden should delay NFL - ESPN

This approach worked well for Pete Carrol when dealing with Mark Sanchez right? I guess I don't disagree with Weeden, but doesn't Blackmon at least seem like a guy that should be headed to the league?

2010 Pinstripe Bowl analysis - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

More on the K-State loss. The penalty will be looked at as a turning point, as it should be, but what I want to know is what the thought on a bowl game in a snow covered NYC is? Traditionally bowls are warm weather destinations but NYC had 8 foot piles of snow on the sidelines. Personally I'd welcome a Holiday trip to the Big Apple for a bowl game but it did seem a little off.