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Julius Green Set For January Arrival

Tonight Jon Kirby from Jayhawkslant put out an article discussing incoming freshman Julius Green from the Houston area who will be on campus in January. 

Green is a defensive end and those that track/follow recruiting probably remember his name from last year.  Long story short, Green ran into a hiccup in qualifying but will be a freshman next fall when Kansas takes the field.

Now here's the part that's hard not to like. In speaking with Kirby, Green said;

Laptad was telling me he weighs 275 pounds and I just weighed in at 269". 

If you're keeping score at home that's a 6'7" 270 pound defensive end. As a follow up,  I can tell you that Laptad was not checking in at 275 during the football season, try just shy of 260. 

Green is a Big 12 ready end.  He has the length, he has the size and if all goes well he COULD be a key piece to the Kansas defensive front as a strongside defensive end. 

I said it about a week or so ago, and again I don't want to compare him to these players, but the Chicago Bears play Julius Peppers and Corey Wooten.  Peppers and Wooten check in at 6'7" 280 and 6'6" 270 respectively.  The size is there, sometimes that's been missing for Kansas.  Now the player just has to put the rest of the pieces together.