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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.3.10

Slow news day.  More on the basketball game at sunrise I'm sure, but for the moment it's pretty quiet.  Lebron's talents were found in Cleveland last night, a wild goose chase involving a plane and an AD and of course the Jayhawks were fortunate in getting a win.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Marcus Morris has moved past his hot-potato stage | The Newell Post |
Newell on McMorris

Ku-2Jayhawks lucky to survive off night |
Definitely off last night but UCLA played well and deserves a lot of credit.

Ku-2Little’s free throw helps KU escape |
I'm still a little irked at how this ended. A win is a win, but I still think we needed to earn it in overtime.

Ku-2Bruins coach bemoans game-ending call |
Some great discussion on this with a pair of class act Bruins last night in the postgame thread.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Grading the Jayhawks | Tale of the Tait |
Tait grades the Hawks

Ku-2Future KU football players shine at 6A state |
Odds and ends from football