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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.29.10

A little change to our daily news and notes starting today.  Today and going forward we dive a little further into the article, ask the follow up questions and try to take the pulse of you the fan on the issues at hand with the daily news and notes.  They'll also be links both before and after the jump with the extended format. We'll see how this works out.

Kansas Basketball

Josh Selby to start first game, Marcus Morris to come off the bench |

How many stories can you find in this article? For me the #1 story is Elijah Johnson moving into a starting role. Yes it's framed as a replacement for Tyshawn Taylor who missed practices, but why wouldn't Brady Morningstar or Travis Releford move into the role as they have in the past. I'd say a one time start for EJ might be too much to read in to, but it can't be ignored and it could signal a desire by Bill Self to move him into a more predominant role with the team.

Marcus Morris loses starting job for No. 3 Kansas Jayhawks - ESPN

Marcus Morris is a name that warrants an ESPN article due to benching. As a Jayhawk fan the question now becomes whether or not this is a reaction and an attitude that you welcome or shun from your team going forward. In my opinion Bill Self coaches toughness, Bill Self coaches hard nosed play, Bill Self wants this out of his team but maybe he can't outwardly say as much. I say yes to McMorris, just be a little smarter with how you display toughness next time.

Josh Selby gives Tyrel Reed a boost |

In the Cal game we saw the type of productivity from Tyrel that would be a huge boost to this team. He was up and down early in the season but Kansas also lacked anyone with the ability to do what Selby does. Selby's penetrating ability and shooting could be a huge boost to Reed's effectiveness, now he just has to convert.

More news/notes after the jump...

Kansas AD

2010: Lew's exit not so sweet |

I ask again, did Lew Perkins leave the athletic department better than he found it? You can't argue with a National Title and an Orange Bowl, but what about the current state of affairs? When someone enjoys a level of success that Kansas did in'07-'08 is this the price you pay?

Kansas Football

The Top 10 KU football stories of 2010 |

#1 leads directly to #5 which in the end might just get Turner Gill and Kansas moving in the right direction. Definitely a year with more downs than ups and this top 10 list could probably go to a top 15 if you wanted to include them all.