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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.28.10

One day away from UT Arlington.  We'll dive a little deeper into the upcoming opponent.  Also of note, bowl season starts to kick into high gear today, hopefully this is a season we'll be a part of a little more often going forward.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Morris named Big 12 POW |
Good week for the "lesser" Morri.

Ku-2Court date for KU basketball player Mario Little moved to May |
Seems he's back practicing, things aren't going to be resolved until May, does he play?

Ku-2Taylor’s travel troubles ending? |
Just in time for the game tomorrow.

Top 25

NCAA College Basketball Polls, College Basketball Rankings, NCAA Basketball Polls - ESPN
Down to #17 for K-State, Mizzou at #10, A&M #18, Texas #13 and Baylor drops out. Wild year in store for the Big 12?

Bubble Watch

SEC West hopefuls already in terrible Bubble Watch position - Andy Glockner -
The first "Bubble Watch" I've seen. I love how we're the only "lock" in the Big12. Feels good.

Big 12 Football

Big 12 bowl guide, from blockbusters to snoozers |
All your Big 12 bowl games. Kicks off tonight with Mizzou v Iowa.

Mangino good fit at NU |
Pelini and Mangino? Anger management 101?