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Kansas Wins An Ugly One At Cal

Kansas won the Pac10 grabbed their first true road victory of the season with a win over the Cal Bears.  The late tipoff Wednesday night seemed to fit the Jayhawk play at times as a Kansas team that clearly looked like the more talented team, once again couldn't manage to stay out of their own way during portions of the game. 

After one half of basketball the Jayhawks needed a late foul of Markieff Morris to extend the lead to eight.  If someone had said before the game that Kansas would dish out 9 assists on 14 field goals, force 11 turnovers, shoot 6 for 12 from the three point line and have Markieff Morris and Josh Selby combine for 24 points off the bench, the expectation would be a blowout. 

Unfortunately that wasn't the case.  It was a game that was a bit of a box score anomaly early.  Kansas was doing a lot of things right, but kept allowing Cal to stay within arms length.  That for the moment is Kansas basketball.

Second half, same as the first.  Kansas extends the lead to 17 with a 9-0 run to start and quickly allows Cal to jump back into things.  Marcus Morris throws an elbow leading to an ejection in a situation that is completely unacceptable for a player expected to be a leader.  

From that point on things got chippy.  A rugby scrum, double technical fouls and Mike Montgomery struggling to maintain control of a player all highlights to a basketball game that just never seemed to get much flow to it. 

After four minutes of basketball that rivaled the end of a Big East Big Monday contest, Kansas finally took control from around the nine minute mark until the final horn.  Not a great game, Kansas has had struggles lately but there is still no denying the potential that the team has potential.  Kansas won this one on talent.  The Jayhawks have a lot of it, Cal doesn't. 

Final score in this one 78 Kansas, 63 Cal.  Players of the game for Kansas; Tyrel Reed (18 points, 6 rebounds), Markieff Morris (21 points, 10 rebounds) and I suppose we'll include Josh Selby (18 points) for his offensive spark.

Winners for Kansas; Tyrel Reed, Markieff Morris, Josh Selby round 2, 1st half three point shooting and defense.  Losers; Marcus Morris, technical fouls, ejections, composure and focus. 

A week off for the Jayhawks with the next game coming on Wednesday the 29th as Kansas returns to Allen Fieldhouse for a game against UT Arlington.