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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.23.10

Good night of basketball, good night for the Big 12. Headed into another week between games here.  Guess that's acceptable with Christmas and all. 

Kansas Basketball

Bruise cruise: Jayhawks win ‘chippy’ contest |
Chippy...yes chippy.

Behavior shows KU’s immaturity |
I kind of had the same feeling honestly

Big 12/College Basketball

San Diego Toreros vs. Baylor Bears - Recap - December 22, 2010 - ESPN
I think I was a little hard on Baylor for dropping a defacto home game to Gonzaga.

Texas Longhorns vs. Michigan State Spartans - Recap - December 22, 2010 - ESPN
Longhorns are going to be a challenge this year. No sign yet of an impending train wreck.

K-State one day later

Jacob Pullen, Curtis Kelly of Kansas State suspended for receiving benefits - ESPN
Frank the tank isn't happy with the new K-State motto EMAW: Every Man A Wardrobe. I kid Wildcat fans, I kid.

K-State veers off course - College Basketball -
“We’ll try that leadership thingy Frank is talking about,” Samuels said.

Odd way to show respect to a coach who has put Kansas State on the map. Perhaps "Frank" is struggling to reach his team in Manhattan. I can't imagine a player calling coach Self "Bill", let alone mock the "thingy" he says the team needs to find. I still think they'll get on track.