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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.2.10

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UCLA tonight on ESPN2.  Join us here for the open thread, seems like it's about time to get the drive for 4000 back on track.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Self to Jayhawks: Play some D |
Shaping it the way he did '07-'08. Obviously he probably always shoots for this, but it seems he might have the pieces to the puzzle again.

Kansas Football

Ku-2What Miami's firing of Randy Shannon could mean for Kansas | Tale of the Tait |
Tait touches on the side effect of Shannon's firing at the U. chances are damage will be minimal if a Gruden is hired, but maybe Wimberly get's in a few doors during the process.

Ku-2The Bloc Awards: KU football |
Tully hands out his serious and not so serious awards, nice recap of the season.


Ku-2So-so fan support dooms Mizzou to so-so bowl
A take on Missouri's bowl hopes.