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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes FREE Selby Day!

It's FREE Selby day in Kansas.  Open thread will by up about an hour before tip, should be a great way to start a good day of college basketball.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2KU-USC, better known as Josh Selby's debut | Cram Session |
Selby cram session.

Ku-2Selby: KU's missing piece? |
We'll all be getting an early return on the chemistry question today. Way TOO early return.

Ku-2KU basketball recruit Perry Ellis cuts school list to six |
A guy to keep an eye on. These type of players don't come out of Kansas that often, Self needs to land this one.

Kansas AD

Ku-2Kansas will find another good choice for athletic director |
The rumor mill and tide is turning. Some chatter that we might actually end up better than we were in the minds of many.

Ku-2These ADs fit bill for KU |
Keegan throws a few names out there.


Reserve leaving Nebraska |
The Asian German is leaving Nebraska. Fran Franschilla will have to find a new Husker to drool over now that Standhardinger is gone.