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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.17.10

Well that was fun. Good day around here yesterday. I thought there were some interesting nuggets but we ended up with a lot more eyes on the site than the norm.  Thanks to the regulars for the kind words both here and on other sites.  I got quite a few emails from different people saying some very positive things and I guess it just confirms that those sort of deals are generally a good thing. We'll keep plugging away here and trying to provide more of that when possible.

On the docket today, Warden's +/- update, a USC preview and between the AD search, recruiting visits and Mario Little I'd expect they'll be plenty to keep us busy for a Friday in December. 

Bye Bye Bubba

Ku-2Bubba Cunningham signs extension to stay at Tulsa, not coming to KU |
It will be interesting to see what ends up happening, but a lot of buzz claiming that our worst fears have come true. Bernadette somehow messed this up.

Ku-2No Bubba for KU |
Really not happy about this.

Ku-2Public deserves truth surrounding Bubba Cunningham backing out of KU job |
Sounds like it's leaking out all over the place.

Little Disbared

Ku-2KU basketball player Mario Little suspended indefinitely |
Not a good day for Kansas basketball and with the backdrop of everything else I guess we should bring out the Morton salt shaker. "When it rains, it pours"

Ku-2KU's Little arrested, suspended |
Tully on Little

Ku-2Little suspension opens door for Releford, Withey |
This is why having Kansas depth is so great. Little was versatile, but we have the players to fill the roles.

Oh Yeah Josh Selby WOO HOO!!

Ku-2Selby mania finally upstaged |
Ain't this the truth.

Ku-2Lights, camera, anticipation: Selby, respecting tradition, ditches headgear, prepares for warm welcome |
The ONLY good news this week.

What's this?

Ku-2Blog gives interesting perspective from anonymous KU football player | The Newell Post |
Hey, this looks interesting : )