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Film Study: CSU

The first one of these seemed to go over pretty well, so we're back with even more from the Colorado State game.  The first two situations highlight what the Rams were doing on defense.  Kansas trying to force the ball into the paint with a couple of defenders waiting to disrupt the play.  The second one turns into a very good play for the Rams.  Anyway, onto the clips.

First up, a look at the high/low offense with Mario Little and Markieff Morris from the first half.


  • Markieff Morris gets the ball from the wing with Mario Little on the ball side block.
  • Mario Little follows the ball across to the middle of the paint.


  • I missed a clip here but the ball went to Reed on the near sideline with Little trailing to the block.  Reed reversed it back to Elijah Johnson at the top, who then swung it to the opposite sideline.
  • Little works his way to the top of the key.


  • Little has the ball and looks to Morris on the block.
  • Two immediate problems with this picture.  First, Little's man is begging him to shoot.  Second, the CSU guy that is highlighted is waiting to disrupt the pass to Markieff.
  • Little goes ahead and forces the pass resulting in a turnover.

Failed Alley Oop Leads to a Wide Open 3


  • Tyshawn Taylor attempts to hit Markieff with an alley oop on this play.  You can see a defender lined up and ready to challenge the play again. 
  • One of the guards by CSU's bench should have slid to the corner to give Taylor an option and would have likely been open.  T2 seemed determine on this play though and it probably wouldn't have mattered.


  • After the alley oop was broken up, Markieff Morris fell down along the baseline.  CSU heads down court with a 5 on 4 break. 
  • They hit the trail at the top of the key.


  • The CSU player penetrates the four Jayhawks and forces EJ to make a decision to cut off the ball or defend the 3.
  • EJ steps in to cut off the drive leaving a wide open 3 in the corner.

And we're going to finish with a familiar play...


*resolution sucks on this possession...sorry

  • Same set Kansas used to open the Memphis game.  Markieff at the high post.  Reed on the opposite side and Taylor heading for a flare screen.


  • Taylor has the ball on the opposite wing and reading the defense at this point.
  • CSU defends the paint (unlike Memphis) as Reed cuts up through the lane and by the double screen at the free throw line.


  • Reed gets a wide open 3 at the top of the key.  Unfortunately, this one was clanked off the back of the rim.

Bill Self called for this play on the very next possession and they ran it to the other side.  However, one of the post players got called for a moving screen and we couldn't see a result.

Was hoping to have some clips of the 3 guard weave that led to EJ's three pointer in the 2nd half.  The stream was choppy and I couldn't get decent video quality on it, so this is what we have for this week.