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Glancing At College Basketball's Top 25

The latest top 25 poll was released and things are starting to get pretty crowded at the top.  Duke remains the unanimous selection at the top but face the possibility of a year without freshman point guard Kyrie Irving.  Ohio State sits two despite having a close call against IUPUI.  Typical win and maintain, lose and you drop mentality?  Well that doesn't exactly work. 

The Jayhawks moved up a spot to #3 while in state rival Kansas State was dropped a notch to #6.  In reality they were jumped by two teams in UConn and Syracuse who have been churning through early season opponents. 

K-State's drop could certainly be justified based on the play of the five teams in front of them, but then again Kansas has also had their moments where they haven't played great for a week and still managed to maintain.  Ohio State has done the same.  Name recognition or timing? Tough call, for Kansas it was likely a little of both.

Tennessee is creeping up the list now standing at #7 while San Diego State out of the Mountain West is all the way up to #11 after starting the year outside of the rankings. 

Overall the Big 12 now has six teams in the poll with Texas A&M joining the five that were already in the mix.  Every year college basketball evolves significantly from start to finish.  The contenders, the pretenders, it's always a dicey situation.  Based on this moment, right now, the Big 12 looks tough once again and the number of teams that could walk away with a trophy come April is a growing list.