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Quarterback Zack Stoudt Commits to Ole Miss Over Kansas

The quarterback position for the Kansas Jayhawks could have used a shot in the arm, but it looks like that might have to wait. is reporting that Zack Stoudt, 6'5" 230 pound quarterback from Iowa Western Community College will be signing with the Ole Miss this Wednesday, choosing the Rebels over the Jayhawks.

What this means for Kansas is that Jordan Webb will be the likely candidate at quarterback for the 2011 season and Kansas fans will be anxious to see and hear of any positive development by Webb during the offseason.  Quinn Mecham also has an opportunity, but if he didn't win the job this year, what chance does he really have?

Stoudt was viewed as instant competition for the position and perhaps a likely starter next August.  Again, nothing is promised, Stoudt isn't a can't miss prospect, but the opportunity was there at Kansas if he wanted to grab it. 

For now Kansas is living in a world of if's. If Jordan Webb progresses to the point where he can make the reads, go through a progression and the game slows down, then maybe he's the guy that could have won the job anyway.  Then again, maybe not?

Either way, other things will still need to improve in order for Kansas to improve substantially on the offensive side of the ball.  Stoudt was viewed as a potential piece to the puzzle but his selection of Ole Miss after nearly committing to Kansas on multiple occasions isn't the end of the world.  All it does is up the ante for Jordan Webb and put a little more pressure on Chuck Long and Turner Gill to develop a quarterback.