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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.11.10

Some of these are a day late, others are new.  Missed yesterday because of a later than expected Christmas party.  Some of you might be headed to the Sprint Center today to take in the Jayhawks v Rams, if you aren't, RCT will have it's usual live thread to keep you busy.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Column: Is any team better than KU? |
Unfortunately they don't play it on paper. You have to beat who's in front of you, but the point is this team is as good as anyone.

Ku-2Jayhawks spreading out the shots |
1st in the nation in shooting percentage and today we play another team near the top.

Ku-2Booths purchase original Naismith basketball rules at auction for more than $4 million |
Nice job Booths

Ku-2Kansas men's basketball team struggling at charity stripe |
Sure seemed like this would be a strength. We were shooting it well to start, seems we've lost focus.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Ole Miss joins KU atop list of juco QB Stoudt |
Watch this one, sounds like an announcement WILL come Sunday and it could be a nice potential step for our 2011 season.