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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 12.1.10

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The calendar rolls over to December today.  UCLA comes to town tomorrow night.  Warden gives us a +/- update from Las Vegas,  And can Turner Gill shake the negativity in year two?

Kansas Football

Ku-2Trio of KU football players earn honorable mention all-Big 12 nods |
If there's one guy you have to feel bad for it's Rojas. He seemed like a bona fide punting prospect and a horrible punt unit really didn't give him much chance to show his talent.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Kansas basketball team excited to play UCLA on Thursday |
The once mighty UCLA. The name still generates a buzz.

AD Search

Ku-2Wind whispers tidbits about KU AD candidates |
We're getting into a time where rumors are flying left and right on the AD, seems we could be nearing an end.