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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.8.10

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What's better than a big comeback win on Saturday?  How about a big comeback win on Saturday followed by a Tuesday evening basketball game.  Yes it's still a day away and yes it's just an exhibition but you have to admit that it's a fun time of year, especially when we get a win on Saturday.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Fox to air KU replay |
Great news for all of us that weren't able to watch this one. A chance to watch a condensed version of a heck of a comeback. I'll be "Tivo'ing" this one.

Ku-2Gill 'proud' of KU players |
Good for the team. Glad they're getting a taste of this. Heck who knows what could happen if they find a way to put together a whole game start to finish somewhere in these next three.

Ku-2Three answers: KU not worst in Big 12 |
A quick headline to keep it in perspective. A long way to go, but at least we have a pulse. It showed we're fighting and that helps my spirits.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2KU waits for Markieff Morris to take charge like his twin brother, Marcus -
This would be a game changer and I think it can happen. On a side note, how awesome is the 1992 yearbook style photo of the twins in this article.