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Kansas v Colorado Postgame Lockeroom Talk

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Once a week we breakdown Turner Gill's weekly presser and talk about what he says, what it means and what it doesn't mean.  Following the Colorado game there seemed to be a reoccurring themeThe messages seem to be coming through more clearly and what we saw on the field was a result of actions finally beginning to reflect the words.

Turner Gill on overcoming the halftime deficit

"At halftime we just talked about being relentless. That was our word of the week. We've got to continue playing the game of football. We've got to continue to win. We've got to keep playing, keep executing and you've got to keep bringing intensity. And I think that's what happened."

Steven Johnson on rallying from a 28-point deficit:

I'm just proud of my teammates for showing relentlessness and going out and fighting until the end.  Offense, defense and special teams all played together.  Next week we're going to have to do the same thing against Nebraska and I feel like this team right now is ready to shock the world. I'm pretty sure a lot of people have already counted us out but we stick together as a team and we're ready to take on anybody."

James Sims on sticking with the running game in the second half:

(Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Chuck) Long just grabbed us together (at halftime) and let us know some things going on with the defense and some of the shifting they were doing. Our offensive line just took advantage of that and opened up some holes for us."

I'm breaking this down, the offensive line stepped up yesterday and I was off the opinion headed into this one that the Colorado D is a solid unit.  I'm still of that opinion and our group up front came out and handled business in the second half just like they did in the first half against the Cyclones.

James Sims on if he has ever been a part of a comeback like that:

"No I haven't. I don't want to have to be in that situation again, having to come back like that."

Nice job keeping it in perspective.  I think we're going to continue to like this guy over the next few years.

CU's Rodney Stewart on the attitude at halftime:

"We thought the game was over. We thought we would come out and score another touchdown. We thought they were going to give up but they never did."

CU's BJ Beatty on the second half:

"We didn't make any changes. They just came out and they didn't quit. We gave them a few plays here and there and they swung the momentum around. It made a big difference."

Denver Media

Something I don't have a quote for but I watched on news stations all last night.  The Denver media bashing the Jayhawks as a horrible, terrible, pathetic team.  Now I'm not saying we're deserving of anything different, but they lost to us? 

They are 0-5 in the conference and 3-6 overall?  It's not as if they are in a position to call anyone terrible, horrible or pathetic.  I've always found the perception of their own relevance a bit inflated.  It seems to happen with the Broncos as well.  If we're horrible, terrible and pathetic, then CU is just a little bit below that.  I'm glad we could send you off in the fashion we did.

All that said, now that they're headed West I suppose I'll up my support of the local team as it no longer presents any conflict of interest....well, we'll see.