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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.7.10

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It's quite a conflicted feeling.  The win was great, the comeback incredible and as a fan you want to dive in headfirst. But we've been here before.  Georgia Tech gave us many of the same feelings.  Can we continue to build on this or do we slip right back down that steep slope that we managed to climb up yesterday?

Regardless of how the season goes from here on out, I've got a hunch as to what I believe, but for now I'm just going to enjoy the fact that we got a win when nobody thought we could and we fielded a team that did some great things on Saturday.  Oh...and this means good things for the Big 12 Power Rankings!

Greatest Comeback in School History

Ku-2Gill shows emotion in win |
"That guy right there, he's one of the greatest coaches I've ever been around," defensive back Tyler Patmon said. "He's always supportive, always positive. It feels great to get this win for him."

Ku-2FINAL: Kansas rallies from 28 down in fourth quarter, shocks CU, 52-45 |
What a game.

Ku-2KU completes stunning comeback |
Tully Corcoran's write up.

Ku-2Amazing comeback: KU, down 28, roars to 52-45 win -
KC Star write up

Ku-2KU finally wins turnover battle |
Figures. The week I take it out of my keys we accomplish it.

Ku-2Onside kick turning point in KU's 52-45 comeback over Colorado |
Great call...high risk with a HUGE reward.

Ku-2James Sims, Tyler Patmon lead Jayhawks to huge comeback | The Keegan Ratings |
Very excited about Patmon's game yesterday. He's someone we've been hearing about for over a year, but he hadn't seemed to put something together. This was something.

Ku-2Jayhawk grade card, notes |
REPORT CARD and a few odds and ends from the game.