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Kansas Rallies From 28 Down To Complete An Improbable Comeback Win Over Colorado

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After a field goal on their first possession in the third quarter Dan Hawkins and his Colorado Buffaloes extended a 35-10 halftime lead to 28 points.  A four touchdown deficit certainly looked all but insurmountable for a Kansas team that faced the same struggles through much of the first half as they have all year.

Questions have surrounded the teams effort, questions have surrounded the teams buy in and backing of their coach and with a 35 point fourth quarter effort some of those concerns were at least partially answered.

It started with back to back sustained drives by the Jayhawks to open the second half.  Both ended in scores by James Sims and with a 3 touchdown deficit still standing in the way it certainly would have been easier to call it a nice effort that made the game look respectable. 

A few turnovers, a good call on a surprise onside kick and inspired play from both sides of the ball took a nice effort and put it in the incredible comeback category.  The 2010 Jayhawks surpassed the 1992 comeback vs. the Iowa State Cyclones and walk away with a 52-45 victory in improbable fashion. 

Kansas showed tremendous effort, a whole lot of heart and everything that any Kansas fan searching for a sign would have wanted to see.  Now Kansas fans would like to see that for an entire game, but today was at least a sign and a little something positive to build on.

Great win for Kansas, GREAT win for the players and a solid job by the coaches to help navigate this team through the comeback.  Yes it's just a win over Colorado, but the conference skid started a year ago in Boulder and it ends today against the same team in Lawrence.

More reaction tomorrow, but for today enjoy!