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Kansas Jayhawk Gameday News and Notes

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If a tree falls in the forest an no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  No trees in town on Saturday, but two Big 12 teams desperate for a win.  Colorado vs. Kansas and while the eyes of the world won't be able to see it, I'm not sure they'd want to anyway.

This is still an important game for Kansas and an opportunity to try to take a step forward and not a step back.  The road get's brutally tough next Saturday so now's the time to take advantage of a chance.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Who claims the Big 12 cellar? |
Sad that this is what we're playing for.

Ku-2Gill not revealing starting QB |
It may or may not matter, but I like it.

Ku-2Ups and downs: Senior Harris has ridden roller coaster at KU |
Key part to an Orange Bowl and now this. I've got a lot of respect with the way he's carried himself through all the ups and downs.

Ku-2Colorado turns attention inward |
Dan Hawkins' Coach Speak is no longer tolerated in Denver.

Ku-2Colorado AD Mike Bohn not talking about KU opening |
Ton of speculation surrounding Bohn, but it all seems fueled by folks in Colorado.

Ku-2KU vs. CU: Head to head |
The Matchups