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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.4.10

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The Gridiron - Week 8 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Streak of suffering: KU football mindful of conference losing skid with CU next |
Best chance to break the skid is against the team that started it.

Ku-2Road hasn’t been kind to Hawkins, Buffs |
So we've heard.

Ku-2Quigley defends Gill |
"Do you fully buy in? It's hard to tell." His honesty this year has been refreshing.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Conner Teahan mulls taking redshirt this year |
Good...keep some eligibility for another run at football.

Ku-2Big 12 Team Previews: Kansas - Big 12 Hoops
Count Big 12 Hoops among the doubters.

Ku-2Column: Changes remain in KU makeup |
"More than one leader can emerge, and frankly, that's a welcome change." Echoes my feelings quite a bit for this basketball team.

Ku-2You better get to know the twins |
"You may have cursed them two years ago, when the Morris twins were out-of-shape freshmen, fouling and putting up airballs from the baseline."