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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.29.10

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A whole host of links to kick things off this morning.  I have to say, this might be the first time in a long time that I have been looking forward to an offseason. 

In general it's a week to catch our breath, regroup and get ready for basketball.  We'll be reflecting back on the football season that wasn't all week long, looking ahead to 2011 and the Jayhawks are welcoming in another Pac10 opponent in the UCLA Bruins as well. 

A couple other storylines we'll be eying, the AD search and recruit, recruit, that is.  Plenty of work to be done starting TODAY for Turner Gill. Go earn that paycheck coach.  Trust me, even Rivet would LOVE to be complaining that you are underpaid at some point in the future.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Missouri drops KU, 35-7 |
Pretty anticlimactic end.

Ku-2KU wraps up forgettable season in 35-7 loss to Mizzou -
KCStar Recap

Ku-2KU football game report -
Report card seems friendly if you ask me.

Ku-23 answers for KU vs. MU |
3 answers from Saturday

Ku-2Column: Time for Gill to recruit |
Missed on most of the goals in year one. Here's hoping this one get's accomplished.

Ku-2KU QBs, at best, OK maybe |
If Kansas doesn't land someone to compete for the QB job, I can't imagine much positivity from the fanbase headed into next season.

Ku-2Jayhawks need big-time QB |
I think we can go ahead and pencil this in as the biggest topic of discussion for the offseason.

Ku-2Border War notebook: Pick to return? |
The Kale Pick drama begins. I really hope he stays because I hate losing people, but I think it's really a non-story based on the limited contribution.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Releford finds his stroke |
I'm still on the Releford starts bandwagon once Selby returns. Tyshawn as a spark plug sixth man and Brady to be the odd man out.

Ku-2No Vegas vacation for KU in 87-79 win over Arizona -
Not a very fun game to watch really. Seems we fell into some old habits.

Ku-2Recap: After not knowing what to expect, Arizona game goes as expected | The Newell Post |
Arizona recap from Jesse Newell