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Border War Links

One game left and a win today just might save the season for a good portion of the fanbase.  Here are some links to get the day started.

Bill C over at Rock M goes Beyond the Box Score.  Good thing the game's played on the field because the numbers aren't pretty. 

A collection of quotes about what this game means. 

"We’re the good people, they’re the bad people. That’s the best way I know to explain it. I don’t like their people, I don’t like their players, I don’t like a damn thing about ’em."

— Former KU coach Don Fambrough

Jesse Newell points out that Kansas is really struggling to create turnovers.  A little luck in this department would go a long way today.

The teams are compared head to head.

Missouri has another very good tight end who will likely give us fits today.

Mike DeArmond weighs in on the feelings this game brings out in all people involved with both programs.


While not the main attraction this morning, the basketball team is in Vegas.  They took care of business last night and face Arizona tonight at 9:30 on ESPN2.

Keegan says Marcus Morris shows off for NBA scouts in blowout win.

A dumb foul fires up the Jayhawks last night.

"I felt it was a cheap foul," Morris said. "I didn’t feel it was intentional, but after that it became personal. Not personal to hurt them, but shut ’em down, not let ’em score. I thought we had to get really, really in tune after that to make a statement."

KU: Blow Out City.