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A (semi) Statistical Review of Ohio

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When trying to spring an upset, the best strategy to take is to usually take the other team out of its rhythm. Ohio didn't follow this advice last night, as the game, which went 73 possessions, was just 2 off KU's season average of 71.

Ohio is not a bad team; they lost one player off a team that won an NCAA tournament game last year. But last night Kansas made them look like they were playing an Ohio high school team rather than the University of Ohio.

Not only did Kansas score a ton of points, they did it efficiently. 1.34 PPP is good no matter how you slice it, even though Ohio had been giving up a point per possession on average this year. But defensively is where the Jayhawks really shone, allowing .56 points per possession, over a half point lower than Ohio's season average. A lot of people were concerned about Kansas's defense coming into this year, but I think we can put that to bed for now. Ohio had only  23.7% eFG on the day.

And oddly enough the three point defense phenomenon continues: Ohio was 0-18 from three, which lowers KU's opponents 3 point percentage to just 17% on the season. Regardless of how Kansas plays it is going to be tough for them to lose if their opponents can't make a shot outside

Player points and four factors after the jump:

  • That Marcus Morris character is pretty good: 26 points is great (obviously), but the way he did it was even better: He was 11-14 overall, and 1-2 from three, giving him an eFG of 82.1% for the game. He also had 8 rebounds and turned it over the same amount of times he assisted. There might be guys putting up better raw numbers (though I doubt it), but no one has been a better basketball player than Marcus Morris so far this year.
  • Markieff had 4 fouls in just 15 minutes of playing time, and I think that we are getting close to the time in which his fouling becomes a red flag. Still, 11 points and 8 rebounds is nothing to sneeze at, especially when he does it on 4 attempts from the field.
  • Tyshawn had only 5 points and he turned it over three times, but he had 6 assists and made both of his 2 point attempts. Even though he was 0-2 from three, I can live with Tyshawn taking 2 threes a game.
  • Brady finally got into the three point act, going 2-4, though he kind of had an empty game otherwise offensively.
  • Jeff Withey had another workmanlike game on short minutes, though he managed to chip in with 7 points as well. 8 rebounds (5 offensive) and 4 blocks in only 15 minutes is pretty impressive. Given who the opponent is (Jeff is an Arizona transfer), I imagine he will get some more PT tomorrow.
  • This is kind of burying the lede, but Travis Releford had a really good game: 13 points in 16 minutes, and did so with an 81.2% eFG.
  • Anything else?