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Kansas vs. Missouri Open Game Thread

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It's here, the Border War. The first three years of the move to Arrowhead have been epic. The 1st had two teams in a National Title hunt, trying saying that again. The 2nd, Reesing to Meier. The 3rd, a Mizzou win on a last 2nd field goal with the Mangino fiasco as a backdrop.

The 4th edition doesn't necessarily hold that same promise, but as is sometimes the case with rivalry games, strange things happen. The smart money is on the Tigers. Mizzou sits one win shy of the 10 win mark. Kansas is in a full blown rebuild. The biggest thing going for Kansas, they have nothing to lose.

Everyone knows the passion these two fanbases have for this game. The fans, the players, the coaches, everyone. At kickoff the Jayhawks have one more opportunity to answer the bell, one more chance to surprise an build some momentum for the offseason. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!