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Big 12 Power Rankings

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Thanksgiving weekend.  Turkey, football and the final chance to see some Big 12 action.  This past week saw a few entertaining games and one entertaining meltdown. The Big 12(-2) begins in a week.



1. Oklahoma State

How They Fared: 48-14 Win over Kansas

Week Thirteen: Oklahoma

Previous Ranking #1

One win away from their first Big 12 South Championship and a shot at a Big 12 Conference Championship.  The only thing standing in their way?  Bedlam.  Get a win against in state rival Oklahoma and the Cowboys will head into the conference title on a high note.  At that point they'll just have to avoid a let down against either Nebraska or Missouri who has reentered the picture. 



2. Texas A&M

How They Fared: 9-6 win over Nebraska

Week Thirteen:  Texas

Previous Ranking #3

A chance to beat your biggest rival and keep them out of a bowl game, who could ask for a better way to end the regular season?  Well if you're A&M there is actually one better way.  Beat your rival, watch Oklahoma beat Okie Light and then enter a three way tie for the South.  The tiebreaker?  BCS Standings, A&M might have a shot although it would likely be the Sooners.  Either way, it's been a revival in College Station this year and Hurricane Pelini couldn't put a stop to the destruction.



3. Oklahoma

How They Fared: 53-24 win over Baylor

Week Thirteen: Oklahoma State

Previous Ranking #5

Somebody seems angry.  The world is sleeping on the Sooners with all the attention going toward upstart Oklahoma State and a resurgent A&M.  Oklahoma responds by destroying Baylor to the tune of 53 points through three quarters. 



4. Nebraska

How They Fared: 9-6 loss to A&M

Week Thirteen: Colorado

Previous Ranking #2

Oh're embarrassing yourself against a Texas team again.  No wonder they're running for the Big 10.  Of course I'll be the first to say the officiating was a bit skeptic, but nonetheless you can't run around the field like a 10 year old who wants to take his ball and go home when you lose.  Time to grow up Bo, and you might want to pass that wisdom on to your brother as well.  I guess we'll see if you have any better luck screaming like a crazed lunatic in the Big 10.



5. Missouri

How They Fared: 14-0 Win over ISU

Week Thirteen:  Kansas

Previous Ranking #4

It was a win, but the Tiger offense doesn't look like it's former self of late.  The defense has shown that it has come along, but still struggles at times.  All that said, the Tigers can reach the 10 win plateau with a win over rival Kansas and then maybe even back their way into a Big 12 North title if the Pelini meltdown continues.  What will be even more interesting to see is if both teams win, does Mizzou accept the Big 12 North co-champ trophy that is distributed by the league?  Or do they still seem to think that we manufactured that one ourselves to put in the display case?



6. Baylor

How They Fared: 53-24 loss to Oklahoma

Week Thirteen:  Going bowling!

Previous Ranking #6

Somebody has to be #6.  Might as well be Baylor.  It wasn't a particularly good game for the Bears but the body of work has been solid and Art Briles has done a nice job in Waco.



7. Colorado

How They Fared: 44-36 win over Kansas State

Week Thirteen: Nebraska

Previous Ranking #12

Look out!!!! It's a new team in Boulder.  The resignation of Dan Hawkins has signaled a resurgence in Buffalo country.  #7 might be a smidge high, but they had the best win of anyone below them this week. Another neat deal this weekend, Cody Hawkins was given some "Golden something" award as voted on by the students.  I thought that was a good move to further bury the hatchet. 



8.  Texas Tech

How They Fared:  64-24 win over Weber State

Week Thirteen Houston

Previous Ranking #9

Six wins and the Red Raiders are going bowling!!! One more chance to pad that number with a game against in state Houston.  Is 6 wins a successful first year for Tuberville?  What about 7?



9.  Kansas State

How They Fared: 44-36 loss to Colorado

Week Thirteen: North Texas

Previous Ranking #7

Thank god North Texas is on the schedule to close out the year.  It is a final chance at 7 win bowl eligibility for Kansas State.  Yes I'd take it for my own team but let's be honest, 7 win bowling feels a lot better than 6 win bowling.  6 win bowling is truly the NCAA celebrating mediocrity.   That's not meant as a knock on the Wildcats, but it's reality for any team with 6 wins.  Again though, I'd take it right now.



10. Texas

How They Fared: 51-17 win over Florida Atlantic

Week Thirteen A&M

Previous Ranking #8

A losing record and no bowl.  That's the likely result of the season for the Longhorns. Not sure anyone would have guessed that. It will be VERY interesting to see how this team responds next year.  The fall has been dramatic, can they bounce back as easily?



11.  Iowa State

How They Fared: 14-0 loss to Mizzou

Week Thirteen:   Offseason

Previous Ranking #10

So close.  Tough schedule, tough season and they almost pulled it off.  One girly throw away from a win against the Corn and bowl eligibility for the Cyclones.  That one still stings.



12.  Kansas

How They Fared: 48-14 loss to Oklahoma State

Week Thirteen: Mizzou

Previous Ranking #11

After a two week hiatus we're back in the cellar.  Only shot at getting out is a win against Mizzou with Colorado losing to the Corn in epic fashion.  Not sure I see either one happening.  Time to take our medicine with a healthy slice of humble pie and get ready for that all important offseason optimism!!