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A (semi) Statistical Review of Oklahoma State

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First of all, I can't mention Oklahoma State without saying what an absolute disaster of a fight song they have. I mean holy cow this thing is brutal. To give them a bit of credit though, Okie State fans hate it too.

As ugly as that song is, the football game on Saturday was just as bad. Kansas was down just 6 going into the half, but the lack of depth really showed up. It is probably no coincidence that the two coaches on the hottest seats head up the S&C and special teams, as both of those weaknesses showed up in a big way this past weekend.

Next week's Missouri game looks, on the surface, to be a blowout. But if recent history is any indication, it should be close. Last year's team absolutely quit on the coaches and yet the game came down to the final drive. The year before, Kansas was a good team but Missouri were the North champs and yet Kansas came out of Arrowhead with a win. A win against Missouri on Saturday will certainly wash away a lot of the bitterness from the 2010 season.

Before we look ahead however, we must look back:


Kansas definitely moved the ball well on the ground, rushing for 132 yards, but the air attack was just not there as Mecham and Webb combined for only 174 yards. The YPA was a pretty abysmal 5.2 yards, though when one of the QBs completed a pass it wasn't so bad. Right now it looks like Webb and Mecham are in an audition for the QB job for next year, though it is entirely possible that 2011's starting QB isn't even on the roster yet.

Flip the Field

The good news: Oklahoma State didn't pin Kansas back with their punting game. The bad news: that's because Oklahoma State didn't punt. On Kansas's end, the punting was abysmal as always: 8 punts for 295 yards, an average of 36.9 yards per punt and Rojas only had a net of 28.6 yards per punt. There was also, big surprise, another blocked punt.


Kansas held onto the ball well: Mecham and Pick didn't throw an interception, and their only fumble was recovered by the Jayhawks. Unfortunately, they also didn't force any turnovers. Forcing turnovers is going to be (or at least it should be) a big talking point for the team next year.

Keep the confidence that's building.

Well, they went into the half down only 6 to the 10th ranked team in the country. Then the second half happened. Still, even though their lack of depth was apparent and it looked like guys just ran out of gas, guys still appeared to be giving it their all and not giving up.