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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.22.10

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We're going live with 11.22. news early because the Nebraska meltdown is starting.  We'll have to see what is and isn't true, but the Pelini's certainly appear to be falling out of favor with some pretty important people in Lincoln.

Kansas Football

Ku-2KU three answers |
Three answers for the Kansas Jayhawks from Saturday's loss to Oklahoma State:

Ku-2KU can't adjust, keep up |
Keegan sticks his toe into the S&C conversation. Again, I've heard changes are on the way. At least in the philosophy not necessarily in terms of the man in charge.

Bo"NER" Pelini and Other Husker Meltdowns

The Taylor Martinez Unsubstantiated Rumor Thread - Corn Nation
Let the snowballing continue. Martinez quits? Pelini's suspended? Think Dr. Tom wishes he had hired Turner Gill?

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman not happy with coach Bo Pelini - ESPN Dallas
It's building...a lot of buzz about his boarderline behavior on the sideline's.

VIDEO: Bo Pelini Freaks Out On Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez - Barbecue Sauce - SB Nation Kansas City
Seriously? This guy is a ticking time bomb. I half expected him to go Woody Hayes Saturday night.

Carl Pelini & the TexAgs Camera...Slow-Mo | TexAgs
If you watched A&M v Nebraska you saw Bo Pelini run around like a mad man after the game just like he did last year against Texas looking to kill someone. Here now a video of his brother Carl Pelini going after someone shooting a video. These guys are crazy, and I'm guessing it makes Tom Osborne a little sick to his stomach to watch these two clowns run around like this. Even Mangino kept it away from the mainstream. It's only a matter of time.