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Kansas Handles Washburn With Ease

Short, sweet and to the point. That was the Jayhawks on Tuesday night. In the exhibition opener against an overmatched Washburn squad the Kansas Jayhawks did what good teams do in a game like this, win and win big. Everyone expects a win so you better make it look good and the Jayhawks 92-62 victory had plenty of good.

Kansas jumped out early and pushed it to a decisive victory with the result a near certainty before halftime. Marcus Morris led the Jayhawks with 28 points and 7 rebounds further positioning himself as the defacto leader on a team that saw three players head to the NBA including the University's leader in all time wins Sherron Collins.

The game will provide plenty of positives for Jayhawk fans to ponder and certainly some areas to improve on. But tonight Jayhawk basketball provided a much needed reprieve for Kansas fans who have been experiencing a fall to forget. Jayhawk basketball is back on the court and tonight, that's the story in Lawrence.