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NCAA Clears Josh Selby

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It's the news that Kansas Jayhawk fans have been waiting for.  Josh Selby, the top rated recruit in the 2010 class, has been cleared to play by the NCAA after a fairly long and drawn out process.

In what is becoming more and more common, the NCAA reviewed Selby first to determine his academic eligibility and then more recently to determine whether or not his amateur status has been compromised along the way.   Both pieces have now been reviewed and Josh Selby is clear to hit the court following a 9 game suspension.

That suspension sets a December 18th date and a matchup against USC as Selby's first game in a Jayhawk uniform.

Selby, a 6'2" point guard out of Baltimore Maryland might just be the piece that takes Kansas from a very good team to a potential National Title contender. 

Kansas has looked good early on this season with solid play from the Morris twins on the interior and a deep and athletic team as a whole.  If there are two things that have been somewhat missing at this point it's probably a consistent perimeter scorer and in the game against Valparaiso, someone capable of attacking a zone defense.  With Selby, Kansas has just picked up a player that can do both. 

It's been a process and one that Kansas fans have kept a close eye on.  With Selby now cleared, Bill Self and the Jayhawks turn their attention to the goal of a 7th consecutive Big 12 Conference Championship and as is always the case at Kansas, the primary goal of a National Championship.