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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.18.10

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One day away from another awesome Jayhawk weekend.  I'm thinking we need a jersey/polo contest.  Too late for this weekend maybe?  Not sure...let me think it over.   Suggestions are welcome, email em to me

Kansas Football

Ku-2Young shares old values |
The Bill Young angle get's some more run.

Ku-2This is finally it for KU running back Quigley |
Another senior day.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2KU's Taylor starting to get the point |
Seems like we're getting closer to more awe and less anguish.


The Cam Newton Investigation Is Everything That's Wrong With The NCAA: Here's How To Fix It -
The follow up to the Cam Newton investigation. This one looks at how to fix it.

Mississippi State Bulldogs booster Bill Bell says he received payment plan for Cam Newton, QB of Auburn Tigers - ESPN
Another day, another step toward Cam Newtageddon.