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A (semi) Statistical Review of Valpo

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That's right, this fancy title works for more than just football. Last night the Jayhawks improved to 2-0 on the season by beating Valparaso 79-44. I won a mini chunk of change by betting -21 but that is neither here nor there. This game was a little bit more at the pace I think the Jayhawks would like to play, 69 possessions, though there were some more opportunities to run that we didn't take advantage of.

Unlike the Longwood game, where there were some defensive issues, both the offense and defense were efficient in this one. The offense scored 1.14 points per possession and the defense held the Crusaders to just .63 points per possession. Of course, that wasn't all on the shoulders of the defense, as Valpo shot just 2-19 from three, and missed some wide open looks. Still, it's hard to complain about allowing .6 PPP.

My first attempt at embedding a four factors chart after the jump:



With that in mind, onto some player notes:

Marcus Morris had a great game with 22 points on 10-12 shooting. He had a 14% offensive rebound percentage and 20.5% defensively. I am no math expert, but I think a 87.5% eFG is pretty good.

It seems anytime Marcus is mentioned here, Markieff will be mentioned next. For the second straight game, Kieffer had more rebounds than points, with 12 pts and 13 rebounds. I am not sure how many people ever have averaged a double double with more rebounds than points, but I bet the number is pretty small. And lest you believe that Kieffer got his rebounds due to only the missed Valpo shots, he had nearly a 50% defensive rebounding percentage.

Tyshawn Taylor continued taking care of the ball, with a 12.5% turnover percentage. He didn't look for hit shot much, but I think Kansas is much better when he plays a Rajon Rondo type PG than a Derrick Rose type one.

Brady Morningstar.......0-2 from three. Ouch. If he gets hit shot back he still has a role on the team because he takes care of the ball fairly well and can play some defense, but he needs to hit the three ball.

Speaking of threes, Kansas shot 7-21 from beyond the arc. Not good, but not terrible. 33% is kind of the bare minimum you need to shoot to make it worthwhile, but I think Kansas is going to rebound offensively well enough to justify taking threes even if they miss.

Mario Little missed a three, but made all 4 of his 2 point attempts. He should be useful as some instant offense.

Jeff Withey: 6 minutes, 3 fouls.

Anything else you guys saw?