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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.16.10

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A lot of smoke out there surrounding a potential ruling on the Selby situation and it sounds like good news could be on the way today.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2KU target Ben McLemore may wait until April to decide on school |
I just can't see any way that this is a good thing.

Ku-2Jayhawks’ Mario wins battle of Littles |
Nice contribution from Mario.

Ku-2Jayhawks pay heed: Wary KU rips Valpo |

Ku-2Morrises double trouble for opposing teams |
Clealy Keegan doesn't realize that the plural of Morris is Morri

Kansas Football

Ku-2Youth movement not necessarily headed to KU |
Interesting look at what we talked about earlier this year.

Cam Newton

Suspended Or Not, The Cam Newton Investigation Is Everything That's Wrong With The NCAA -
Cam Newton may well end up being suspended after the investigation into alleged violations is said and done. But that doesn't make the witch hunt surrounding him right.