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Kansas Impressive In Win Over Valparaiso

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The Jayhawks once again showed a lot of promise in an early season victory as they handled Valparaiso with relative ease on Monday night.  Kansas took control early and coasted to an impressive 79-44 win.  The Jayhawks were led by the Morris twins who combined for 34 points and 24 rebounds.

Now many will point to an early season nonconference game as something that should be taken with a grain of salt.  Maybe that's true, but right now the Jayhawks look like a team that could have a higher ceiling than the group a year ago. For those counting, that's the group a year ago that had two lottery picks and the winningest Jayhawk in history who also happens to be playing in the NBA.

There's something about the current edition of the Jayhawks that just looks to operate with relative ease.  They have athletes all over the court, the interior is playing physical and attacking the basket, and they don't rely on any one player for production.

The ball and the players themselves move around in the halfcourt quickly and with a purpose.  The Jayhawks are efficient with the basketball and unselfish to go with it. 

Yes there is still room to improve, but Monday night provided a lot of optimism. A good win for Kansas, it's a team that looks to have a ton of potential and that's without the services of Elijah Johnson and Josh Selby.  And in case you were wondering, those are the only two 5* recruits on the Jayhawk roster.