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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.14.10

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Kansas Football

Ku-2Going nowhere: Kansas offense sputters |
Tough night for the offense, but we didn't beat ourselves so much as Nebraska beat us on this one.

Ku-2KU's Opurum making waves as DE |
Not the first time a school has turned a RB into an End. Some have been VERY successful.

Ku-2Like Opurum, Jayhawks making strides |
I'll talk about this a little in my weekend recap this morning. Basically, I couldn't agree more.

Ku-2KU report card |

Ku-2Gill: NU simply ‘won battle’ |

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Withey coming into own at KU |
Didn't see the game Friday, but it sounds like Withey had some success.

Ku-2Markieff 14-15-5-4-2 kind of guy |
Markieff the next Marcus? The notion is picking up steam for sure.

Ku-2Tonight’s game no gimme |
Hey!! We've got a basketball game tonight. I almost forgot!