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A (semi) Statistical Review of Nebraska

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"All things must come to pass"

-Matthew 24:6-8

The longest uninterrupted football series in the country had its final showing on Saturday and it passed largely without incident. The Jayhawks were, similarly to the Colorado game, impotent in the first half, but this time there was no lame duck coach or inept quarterback on the other side to resuscitate the season.

Still, 20-3 is not as bad as it could have been, and there are some good signs for the future. It appears the team is buying into Coach Gill, and the team now shifts its focus to two weeks from now for the Border War.

But first, one last look at Nebraska:

Establish the Run

Well, they had a lot of carries at least. Kansas ran the ball 34 times, but unfortunately it was only for 72 yards, a YPC of just 2.1. The offensive line has had trouble establishing itself all season, and this was just the latest and worst installment of that.


Kansas forced two Nebraska fumbles, and recovered one of them. They also picked off Martinez once, though Mecham gave the Huskers one of his own. About as good as good be expected for the team I would think.

Limit the Big Play

Nebraska had 7 plays of 15+ yards, and 3 of 20+ yards. Kansas didn't shut the Huskers down in terms of the big play by any means, but they reasonably limited them (though Martinez not being 100% probably had a lot to do with that).

Be special on special teams.

Rojas had 9 punts at an average of just over 40 yards per punt. I am not sure if it is the formation or what but he just hasn't been very good this year. Nebraska didn't have a punt return though so that's good. Branstetter was 1-1 on field goals, and it was a 42 yarder. Wish we could have had a couple of those for the NDSU game.