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Kansas Falls 20-3 to Nebraska

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Kansas and Nebraska closed out their long and storied history (for now) tonight with the Jayhawks on the losing end, 20-3.  Sometimes the score doesn't represent how close the game actually was.  That's true tonight because there was no way the offense Kansas put on the field all night was scoring 20 points.  As a matter of fact, the offense only gained 87 yards all night on offense.  Think about that for a second.  The play-calling was as predictable as it has been all year, if not worse.  The sun might have set on Quinn Mecham's ride.

Considering that fact, we have to be impressed with the defense only allowing 20 points even with a slowed down Taylor Martinez.  However, the Cornhuskers did gain a total of 397 yards.  The Corn gained 230 on the ground behind 85 yards for Roy Helu  and 77 yards for Rex Burkhead.  For Kansas, Toben Opurum's name was mentioned often on the radio broadcast, giving Jayhawk fans some hope for the future.  On offense, there isn't anything to say. 

Statistical Oddity of the Night:  According to ESPN, Rojas had 9 punts.  Nebraska had zero punt returns.  No way that's accurate, is it?