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Kansas Gameday News and Notes 11.13.10

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Guess who's back in Lincoln.  Turner Gill returns for his first trip as a visitor and Kansas returns for the final game as a conference opponent.  I didn't really care that Colorado left, but the Nebraska departure has certainly brought about a little bit of reminiscing.  The two schools have been far from rivals due to Nebraska's domination in football and Kansas' in basketball, but there is still a lot of history between the two schools and it ends in a way tonight.

Apologies for the low number or lack of links, I'm away from "the office" so to speak and on the ground in enemy territory.  Gameday and Kansas v Nebraska open threads on the way today.  Enjoy.


The nation's longest uninterrupted series will come to an end when Kansas and Nebraska meet for the 105th consecutive season Saturday.  The series started in 1906 and has been played every year since, but will end in 2011 when Nebraska departs for the Big 10 Conference.  That means the Minnesota vs. Wisconsin series (103 consecutive meetings before this year) will become the nation's longest.  Kansas has been involved in two other of the nation's longest uninterrupted series in the fourth-longest (100 consecutive with Kansas State) and the fifth-longest (96 with Oklahoma, which ended in 1997).


KU and Nebraska have met 116 times overall for the third-most matchups in NCAA history trailing only Minnesota vs. Wisconsin (119 games) and Kansas vs. Missouri (118 games).