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Kansas vs. Nebraska Open Game Thread

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Time to see what carried over and what didn't from the miracle comeback a week ago. Between that confidence and energy on the field and the excitement in the lockeroom after, you'd certainly have to feel good about this team showing up and at least putting forth a good effort. But we've been here before so every game is a bit of a wait and see.

I'll be in the stands among friendlies seeing this one for myself. Those who aren't here's a quick rundown of some options to watch or listen and of course you're invited to follow and talk Kansas v Nebraska and all of college football right here.

Catch Bob Davis, David Lawrence and Nick Bukaty on 610Sports

Pay Per View it!!! Only $40

Sunflower - On Screen or (785) 841-2100; channel 387

Everest - Order on screen or call (913) 825-3000; channel 808

Time Warner - Order on screen or call (816) 358-8833; channel 400

DirecTV - Order on screen or call (800) DirecTV

So there you have it, the rundown for gameday. It's a 6pm game on a fall night, why not right?