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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 11.12.10

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The Gridiron - Week 9 from Kansas Jayhawks on Vimeo.

Longwood tonight, Nebraska tomorrow.  It's a full blown Jayhawk weekend.  Once Turner Gill get's the football team on the same level as basketball this is going to be one of the most exciting times of the year....right? It could happen, maybe.

I put the Gridiron up again this morning because it got pushed down the page pretty quick yesterday.  If you haven't seen it, watch. Not for the Colorado win, the comeback or anything else. That's all fun, but watch for DJ Marshall.  Listen to his story he's been through a lot in a year and not one bit of it has to do with football.  He has a great attitude.

Kansas Basketball

Ku-2Bill Self addresses issues at pre-Longwood media session |
I suspected Woodridge probably wouldn't redshirt. Without knowing on Selby and needing someone that can shoot from deep, he might prove to be more valuable than first thought.

Ku-2Sterling reviews: Tyshawn Taylor, putting last year behind, off to solid start |
It would be nice to see Taylor reach his potential.

Kansas Football

Ku-2Gill downplays NU homecoming |
I have a feeling that the reception Gill receives from the Husker faithful might just wow these players a bit.

College Basketball

Duke's Coach K bemoans difficulty of winning titles | College Sports | - Houston Chronicle
I just thought this was interesting because since '02 I've always thought that Final Fours can be an expectation, but Championships are just so hard to count on and take a lot of luck.

Kentucky center Enes Kanter has been ruled ineligible - ESPN
Warden posted this last night, but it's worth putting here for any carryover discussion. This is blow to Kentucky for sure.


Murrah High School coach Marlon Dorsey accused of beating basketball players - ESPN
Here it is...the job for Mangino. His tactics would appear soft, they might even consider him a "players" coach.