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Rock Chalk Talk is Headed To Lincoln

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You betcha!  It's almost as prestigious as having college gameday in your backyard(sarcasm). I just found out last minute that Rock Chalk Talk (actually just me) will be in Lincoln this weekend.  I'll be jumping in the car on Saturday morning before God wakes up the sun and jumping on I-80 for a long trip across the State of Nebraska.

It's the final game of the nations longest continuous series between two teams and I myself have never been to a game in Lincoln so this seems like as good a game as any to make it happen.

Now I'd love for Kansas to end the series on a high note, maybe go out the way they started it, but I'm not overly confident. The Jayhawks won that one 12-0.  Here's an excerpt from the the Omaha Sunday Bee on the game:

The Game of football between the Kansas and Nebraska University teams at Lincoln Park this afternoon resulted disastrously for the home team.  The Kansas were victorious by a score of 12-0. The game was a brilliant one and the best ever witnessed in Lincoln.

Hmmm...?  Interesting that it was the best witnessed even thought they lost. You have to love that Bugeater positivity. 

If anyone else is making the trip, I'll see you on what they like to call "O" Street and my traveling circus of two friends and I would be happy to grab a beer.

Lincoln trip recap/diary or whatever you want to call it will surely follow next week as I do my best to document the first trip back for Turner Gill and the potential final trip to Lincoln for the Jayhawks.